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Private Attorney Referrals

The Student Legal Aid Office provides free legal consultation, advice, referral and other services regarding most but not all matters, including but not limited to: potential or pending legal actions (unless you already have an attorney), negotiations on behalf of a student, review or drafting of court papers and other legal instruments.  Mr. Rysted does not provide representation in court at this time, although he may do so in the future.  After your consultation here, you may decide you need to meet with a private attorney who may or may not provide a free consultation. If the lawyers are part of our Referral Program, they will often provide a student discount on their fees and we will be happy to provide that information.

Certain areas of the law are so specialized that we can’t even provide advice in those areas, such as Tax, Immigration, Patent and Trademark Law.  For example, tax attorneys are often CPA’s as well and sometimes hold an advanced law degree specializing in that area, and intellectual property attorneys dealing with patent, trademark or copyright law have to take a separate bar exam.