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If you have been sued in the courts of Las Cruces, seek our advice immediately.  The same is true for traffic citations and criminal cases.  The court system is confusing and has several levels.  The highest level trial court you would have to go to is the District Court, like if your spouse files for a divorce.  It is very difficult to represent yourself at District Court, where it is more common in Magistrate or Municipal Court.  If hiring a private attorney to represent you in District Court isn’t in your budget, we highly recommend you visit the Court’s self-help web site and then their office at the Court.

If you need to sue someone in the courts of Las Cruces, again seek our advice.  Mr. Rysted doesn’t go to court on most cases, but in many cases may provide limited scope representation which will help you, such as helping you get the forms you need.

If you need to be at Court for a hearing, be early or at least on time.  You will have to go through a metal detector so give yourself time for that.  If you’re late, the consequences can be significant.  At Magistrate Court, which is close to campus, there is plenty of free parking.  Your case will probably be scheduled on the docket at 8:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m., along with many others, so you may have to wait before it’s your turn, after letting the Court personnel know you’re there.  Wear appropriate clothing.  Do not interrupt anyone.

Out of Court

There are some matters you can handle yourself without having to use the court system, like obtaining your credit reports and disputing any errors.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) web site has some good info on that here, and Mr. Rysted can also give you advice on that.

Staying at an Airbnb

Airbnb properties are often a cost-effective alternative to hotels in major cities.  However, there has been a nationwide scam going on you should be aware of and as you’ll see when you read this article, it’s unclear what your legal rights of recourse are: Airbnb scam

Buying a Car

With some prevention and research, you can avoid the need to go to court when a car deal goes bad.  First, here’s some info from the FTC about buying and owning a car:

Next, there are certain dealers here in Las Cruces you should avoid, according to other consumers, so ask around and check online reviews like Yelp.  This could be true for buying a car or having one serviced there.