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Immigration Law

Certain areas of the law are so specialized that we can’t even provide advice in those areas, such as Immigration.  To handle immigration cases, attorneys must be permitted to log in to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) online portal and we don’t have a log-in.  However, there is an automated case information hotline you can use.  The system works as follows: (1) Dial 1-800-898-7180 and press “1” to hear the instructions in English or “2” to hear the instructions in Spanish. An automated operator will ask you to input the nine digits following the “A” in your alien registration number, or if your A number has only eight digits, it will ask you to input “0” plus the eight digits, on your touch-tone phone.  Upon inputting your alien registration number, the system will ask you to press “1” to confirm that you have inputted your number correctly “2” if you wish to reenter your number. Once your number has been accepted by the system, the automated operator will spell your name, last name first. She (the automated operators are all female) will ask you to press “1” to confirm your name or press “2” to reenter your alien registration number (which is advisable if the name is not yours).

Once your name has been confirmed, the operator will ask you to input one of the following menu items: (1) Next hearing date, (2) Asylum processing information, (3) Decision information, (4) Case appeal information, or (5) Filing information.  Warning: the case information isn’t always accurate or up to date.


If you’re under DACA, check this page for updates:

Also, if you need financial help with a DACA renewal, check this out:

In spite of all the changes with the Trump Administration, it is useful to keep in mind that 102,440 DACA renewal applications have been approved.


All Students

Here is some information if you need to speak with an immigration attorney: Immigration attorneys

Also, the NMSU Office of International Student and Scholar Services has updated their web site with the following information:

Where Can Students and Scholars on J or F Visas Turn for Help?

NMSU’s Office of International Student and Scholar Services manages routine F and J visa maintenance for NMSU students and scholars at both main campus and the branches; however, NMSU does not have immigration law experts on its permanent staff.  For this reason, NMSU uses the Maney Gordon law firm for all immigration issues.

During regular business hours, any student can call Maney Gordon Zeller 505-266-8739, say they are a student at NMSU, and ask for a consult.  NMSU cannot speak to the firm’s willingness to provide free initial consults, but we expect that they will be receptive and helpful.  NMSU is not able to pay legal fees for students, so if there is additional work to be done, the firm will negotiate fees with the student and the student will be financially responsible.

In an emergency situation outside of regular business hours (for example, if a student with a visa is detained at border check point or is denied entry into the country at the border), we are authorized to give that individual the mobile number for a senior partner at Maney Gorden Zeller.  In the case of an emergency, contact ISSS at (575) 646-2018 (available 24/7).