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Criminal Law

Read about some strange things the police have done: Rocket Launchers and Dead Bodies

Speaking to your group

Mr. Rysted is available for speaking engagements with your campus organization. For example, he has a Power Point presentation on DWI. Please contact us.


He meets with students charged with a crime as well as victims of crime.  If the police contact you about a crime, whether you think you’re a suspect or not, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately and before you speak with the police. Criminal law attorneys

Sometimes the areas of civil law and criminal law overlap.  For example, if you’re a victim of stalking, sexual assault or other relationship violence, you may choose to seek a civil Order of Protection, whether there is a criminal case or not.  See Orders of Protection.  It’s important to understand how broad sexual assault is.  Forms of sexual assault can include such behaviors as unwanted touching to the intimate parts of someone or intentionally causing this person to touch one’s intimate parts.  If this happens, call OIE, the Office of Institutional Equity/Title IX, at 575-646-3635,  and also the NMSU police department to report the crime.

Reporting Options:

If emergency:  Call: 911

NMSU Police Department


NMSU Police Victim Services




NMSU Dean of Students


La Casa (Domestic Violence Shelter)

575-526-9513 (24-hr hotline)

La Piñon (Rape Crisis Center)

575-526-3437 (24-hr hotline)